If you have a house like Tony Stark’s silver screen mansion in Malibu (which was a CGI job, btw), you have a ton of windows to clean. Obviously, if you did own a house like such, you probably would have several helpers to get the chore done. However, if for some reasons you rather not have people scaling ladders to clean those windows, Limodo Window Wizard, AKA Smart Window Cleaning Robot, is more than willing to do a good wipe down whatever number of windows you may have in your expansive abode.

TBH, it is not the brightest idea simply because, falls. Duh. Limodo, which appears to be a Kuwaiti company, claims that “after extensive research,” it has “identified window-cleaning as one of the most bothersome routine chores.” Well, guess what? It don’t take a genius to figure that out. In fact, every freaking housework is a chore. Period. OK. Maybe windows are the worst if you have a Stark mansion.

Limodo Smart Window Cleaning Robot

Anyways, this smart window cleaning robot is much like a Roomba for windows. It is app-controlled, and boasts path and edge detection, but instead of sucking dust, its powerful suction system is to keep it glued to the window. It also touts a hook anti-fall system just in case the suction fails and there is also a 30-minute battery backup to enable it to reach out to windows that are not anywhere near a wall outlet (a likely scenario in Stark’s mansion). So, yeah, it is primarily intended as a plug-in device.

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After reading this, you are probably skeptical if it will even work. I don’t blame you because, I am too and so are the crowdfunding community, judging by Limodo Smart Window Cleaning Robot’s lackluster reception on Indiegogo. I think it not so much of the price. At $240-320, it is not much more expensive than a pool cleaning robot, but perhaps, we are just all not convincing that it won’t plunge to its untimely death, or maybe, just maybe, we need to a little assurance on who’s making this thing? Like, Limodo? Who?

It seriously need a lot more PR works than a one-page press release.

Images: Limodo Technologies.

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