There’s no point in exercising like mad when you are not keeping track of your metrics like weight, BMI (Body Mass Index) data and more. Sweating like Niagara Falls won’t let in know your heart rate, sleep and whatnot. You need a clever scale that measures your weight and almost magically, let in on your BMI and stuff. Such is what the new Fitbit Aria Air Smart Weighing Scale will do for you.

Fitbit Aria Air is the latest to join the Fitbit Aria family. It is a low-cost Bluetooth scale that promised to tracks weight and syncs with Fitbit app to calculate BMI, thereby providing you with an overview of your trends over time, plus activity, heart rate, sleep and even nutrition data via the Fitbit app.

Fitbit Aria Air Smart Weighing Scale

Moreover, the weighing scale also plays well with other Fitbit wearable devices, as we as the new Fitbit Premium subscription service to feed you with more data and information – all in the name to motivate you to reach your health and wellness goals.

Fitbit Aria Air sells for $49.95 when it becomes available starting mid-October 2019 on Fitbit website, Fitbit retailers, Amazon, Best Buy, Kohl’s and Target. Interested buyers can secure a unit from and select retailers worldwide as a pre-order starting late September.

Fitbit Aria Air Smart Weighing Scale

All images courtesy of Fitbit.

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