Fitbit Aria Air Smart Weighing Scale That Costs Just $50

There’s no point in exercising like mad when you are not keeping track of your metrics like weight, BMI (Body Mass Index) data and more. Sweating like Niagara Falls won’t let in know your heart rate, sleep and whatnot. You need a clever scale that measures your weight and almost magically, let in on your […]

Fitbit Announced Versa 2, A $200 “Lifestyle” Smartwatch That Supports Amazon Alexa

I just gotten into smartwatch not too long ago. If you ask me, my verdict is, the time is still not ripe for smartwatch even though Wear OS has proven itself to be more capable than it was when it first started. However, if you really must have a smartwatch or looking to replace an […]

Fitbit Collaborates With Tory Burch To Make Fitness Tracker More Fashionable

in our books, fitness tracker like Fitbit is entitled to dispense with being fashionable. why? because a band on your wrist, is a band on the wrist. it is unobtrusive and hardly catches anyone’s attention, and in the case of the Fitbit Flex, it looks pretty decent by itself. however, for fashionistas who are turn […]