ViVAX Rugged Laptop Case

ViVAX Rugged Laptop Case
we don’t want to be kidding ourselves that a regular laptop sleeve would do any real protection for our laptops. the reality is, it is not going to absorb the impact even if the laptop appears to be sound cos’ internally, it is not going be ok and this is why you will need a ruggedized case such as the ViVAX Rugged Laptop Case if extreme protection is what you are after. this case really do mean business. externally, the ViVAX is constructed from special material similar to those used in crash helmets and on the inside, it is lined with a PoronXrd shockproof polymer for extreme shock absorption. the case is put together using a method derived from military industry, thus making it crush-, water-, shock-, dirt- and pharmaceutical-proof. additionally, it is built to withstand extreme temperatures, guard against any kind of atmospheric conditions, resistant to corrosion and most importantly, it will float on water in the event it goes overboard, so that you can still retrieve the ViVAX with your laptop sound and safe within. the ViVAX Rugged Laptop Case is one size that fits most laptop sizes ranging from 12″ to 18″ and a velcro backed central strapping system ensures that you precious one is securely nested within this portable fortress. according to its creators, a patented method is used to secure laptops of any thickness (or thinnest, if you will) inside this rugged case. the ViVAX Rugged Laptop Case is now on crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, seeking your support and it could be yours (it has reached its funding goal, btw) with a pledge of £59 (about US$95) or more. if ask us, we thought that’s quite a steal for something that can guarantees a peace of mind when you are toting your fragile laptop around but if you need further persuasion, there is a short product clip that will do the sales pitch to you after the break.

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