Magnetic Switch Cover for $24.95 or make yourself one

Magnetic Light Switch covers 544x370px
(credit: Jake Frey) Magnetic Switch Cover | US$24.95 |

there is nothing magical here. the Magnetic Switch Cover is your regular switch cover plate (US) integrated with a high power magnet underneath. so what good does it do? well, it will hold your keys when you step into the room and (the keys) be ready for you when you are heading out – unless your keys and key ring are made out of plastics. as Glenn Santos has noted, this probably is just a “semi-gadget” (or half gadget, if you like) but if it were to incorporate with a subtle glow night light or sort, then it would probably justify the hassle involves in changing switch cover.
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designed by 3rd year Industrial Designer student who hails from Philadelphia University, this simple and yet functional gadget is now available for your taking for just $24.95 or you could DIY one for yourself by following this simple one-and-a-half step instruction. it’s your call.

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