Canon X Mark I Mouse – mouse, calculator and keypad in one

Canon X Mark I Mouse Slim 544x360px
(credit: Canon) Canon X Mark I Mouse Slim | US$59.90 |

honestly, a calculator is the last thing we expect to be integrated into a mouse but that’s exactly what the Canon X Mark I Mouse Slim is. it is, in fact, a three-in-one device that serves as a wireless 1,200 dpi laser mouse, a 10-digit calculator, as well as a keypad. i’d say it might just be the perfect peripheral for any road warriors who aims to reduce their on-the-road clutter. if you often lug around a mouse, a calculator and an additional keyboard while on the road, the X Mark I Mouse just did you a flavor by cutting lose two peripherals for your next trip.

this 106-grams (3.74-ounces) mouse connects to the laptop wireless via Bluetooth connectivity and runs off two AAA batteries. the Canon X Mark I Mouse Slim is available in either black or white and is expected to hit the stores this month with a price tag of $59.99. more look of the X Mark I Mouse after the break.

Canon X Mark I Mouse Slim 544x408px

Canon X Mark I Mouse Slim 544x408px

Canon X Mark I Mouse Slim 544x408px

Canon X Mark I Mouse Slim 544x408px

Canon via 9to5 Mac / PC Mag

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  1. I bought this because I need a numeric keypad for my laptop. It enables you to switch between calculator and keypad modes. It also has a send key to insert the number into the computer. I thought it would be great for me as I do a lot of CAD work on my laptop. ONE PROBLEM, Canon’s tech support confirmed it does not work with your laptop’s internal bluetooth. It requires an external dongle that, of course, does not come with the mouse. MAJOR SCREWUP by Canon! Why should I have to spend more money on top of the $60 for the mouse to have something hanging out of my laptop when I already have internal bluetooth? Someone was not thinking. I returned it and got my money back.

    1. at least you got money back 🙂 i thought it’s more of a novelty factor then any real use.

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