whether you have treated yourself to a cold Cola in the heat of a foosball game or in your adulthood, a cold brew, you can be sure that there’s a mysterious relation between foosball and popping open a bottle. no? anyway, that’s our perception and we shouldn’t be pushing our ideas into you. regardless, we still find that this foosball player-converted bottle opener, aka Foosball Bottle Opener very appealing. it kind of rekindles our love for foosball and how we enjoy popping open a cold bottle of soft drink at our local run-down arcade joint while we are slugging out on the ‘field’. each of these Foosball Bottle Opener are retired players, ripped out of the comfort of the table and repurposed with a bottle opener stuck to their heads, and since the Foosball Bottle Opener hails from actual foosball table, each piece bears it own unique battle scars and varies slightly in size, shape and color, which makes them all the more desirable. in another word, no two pieces will be the same. awesome? you bet it is. the Foosball Bottle Opener is yours to own for $48 from Modern Anthology. larger views await after the break.

Modern Anthology via Cool Material

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