You know jerry can, AKA jerrycan, AKA jerrican, the this robust, pressed steel container designed for containing water for military use? If you think it is one of the manliest item in the world, then you will want it in your man cave or the garage, if you spend a hell lot of time in there. You can just place it there as part of the decor, or you could do what like this guy from YouTube channel, Well Done Tips, did: turn it into a super cool, functional mini bar.

How To Make A Mini Bar from Jerry Can

Well, it is a little small, but it is totally functional. As a boon, this DIY Jerry Can Mini Bar is totally portable too, The way this guy on Well Done Tips did seem simple enough, but the truth is, you ought to have a pair of technically apt hands. Like I said, it is doable and the end product looks super dope. It is both functional and aesthetically awesome. If you want to DIY for yourself, go ahead and check out Well Done Tips’s video down below to see how it is done.

Images and source: YouTube.

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