POD Entryway Sanitizing System

Anyone who is paranoid about germs and such should take a look at this new gadget from Spin Studio called POD. POD is a so-called entryway organizer that sanitizers everyday items.

POD Entryway Sanitizing System

If you are worried about bringing germs back into your home, POD may just be the answer you have been looking for.

It is like those contraption you see in sci-fi movies that cleanse a person before entering a controlled environment, except that it does not clean a person. Instead, this beautiful furniture/gadget is a vessel for stuff like coats, scarfs, shoes, phones, bags et cetera.

POD Entryway Sanitizing System

It not only offers a neat place to store those items but also sanitizes them using PCO and UVC. It has a motion sensor built in, allowing you to swing your foot to open and close the circular device.

You can also choose to use Alexa to open and close the door too. And did we mention that it is a wireless charger too? There’s a tray where you can place your smartphone and it will get charged as it is being sanitized by this futuristic pod.

POD can also double as a super cool floor lamp that will add shine to the entryway of your home.

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POD is not a concept, but it is also not a reality either. It is currently on Indiegogo seeking to raise US$30,000 to fund the production. If you so choose to, you can help to make it a reality by backing a product.

But be warned, it is not cheap. POD+, which is the one that we talked about, starts at US$968. That’s a pretty significant investment to make and it being a crowdfunding campaign, presents its own set of risks. Anywho, you can learn more about POD Entryway Sanitizing System HERE.

All images courtesy of Spin Studio, Inc..