POD Is An Entryway Sanitizing System That Sanitizes Your Coat, Scarf, Shoes And More

Anyone who is paranoid about germs and such should take a look at this new gadget from Spin Studio called POD. POD is a so-called entryway organizer that sanitizers everyday items.

Seattle-based Startup Turns Functional Beer Taps into Man Cave-worthy Coat Racks

On contrary to popular believe, man’s best friend is not fido; it is that golden, crisp cold fermented beverage that we call ‘beer’. It is true. Well, mostly. Then again, as far as man, the gender, is concerned, we usually have more than one best friend. And these other ‘best friends’ may include foosball, all […]

Football Men on Coat Rack – Foosball turned coat hanger

apart from pool and darts, Foosball has been considered the greatest bar sport game ever – at least, it is in this part of the world and maybe, in the U.K. as well. what’s more beautiful then be able to combine Foosball with your insatiable need to hang things? the result of this unlikely…