Football Men on Coat Rack – Foosball turned coat hanger

Football Men on Coat Rack
Football Men on Coat Rack | US$90.00 |

apart from pool and darts, Foosball has been considered the greatest bar sport game ever – at least, it is in this part of the world and maybe, in the U.K. as well. what’s more beautiful then be able to combine Foosball with your insatiable need to hang things? the result of this unlikely mash up is the Football Men on Coat Rack created by Etsy seller TodoCecilia, and the best part is, it is totally customizable or you could just settle for the default Argentina players that’s going for $90 a pop. to be honest, i am in a dilemma – i love TodoCecilia’s idea but at the same time, it is sad to see a Foosball not at the place where it should be – the Foosball table. nevertheless, it is still as cool as the North Pole.

Football Men on Coat Rack 544x428px

Etsy via Cool Material

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