meet the world’s smallest, non-pressurized fire extinguisher

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(credit: via Core77) DKL Small Compact Portable Fire Extinguisher | US$42.95 |

regardless of where you stay, having a fire extinguisher or two in your dwelling is advisable – you know, for those just-in-case situations. then again, traditional fire extinguisher’s design was never appealing or handy in anyway but a China-based firm J&R Fire is set to change the way the fire extinguisher looks and how we use it. the fire safety equipment in question is the DKL Small Compact Portable Fire Extinguisher which makes its appearance in the recent National Fire Prevention Expo 2011.

the DKL is capable of shooting fire suppressant up to 10-feet (3-meters) and features a totally radical design which will blend into any modern home or office. the DKL touted to have “strong extinguishing capacity” and unlike its traditional counterpart, does not have any pressurize container which makes them much safer to handle. since it is not pressurize, which means it will not subject to pressure drop over time and thus making virtually maintenance-free. constructed like a flash light (or torch), all user have to do is to pull off the safety ring, aim at the base of the fire and press the activation button. the procedure sounds simple and pretty handy to me.

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even with its compact size of 230-mm by 52-mm, it is capable of sustaining a discharge time of 12-seconds and it is suited for use for fire on small fabric, wood, grease and even electrical equipment. check out a product intro video after the break. for those residing in US, you might want to check out Fire Safety Marketing website for more information.

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via Core77

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