Ray Studio is at it again. After weaving his magic hands over a smartphone, an electric razor, and a folding phone, and turning them into robot figures and a folding miniature cityscape, he has built the Optimus Primal from the Transformers Beast Wars animated series. For this latest build, Ray uses an Honor Magic Vs folding phone as the donor device. As usual, Ray’s video is therapeutic to watch.

Honor Magic Vs turned into Optimus Primal

In the expertly edited 10:41 minutes video, you can see Ray took apart an Honor Magic Vs, split up the components, and repurpose them to create this robot gorilla masterpiece. The end result is absolutely mind-blowing. This could be Ray’s best work yet, IMHO, in part because this Honor Magic Vs Optimus Primal creation is a little different.

Firstly, the video now has “intermission” showing one of Ray’s meals, presumably to show how long this build took and when the gorilla is completed, Ray cheekily peeled a banana. Fun. Secondly, the final figure has light-up features, powered by an Honor Magic Vs battery, of course. I don’t believe Ray incorporated a light-up feature in his previous builds.

Honor Magic Vs turned into Optimus Primal

And the final figure has a couple of gimmicks, including an opening chest to reveal a light-up interior (though Optimus Primal does not have a matrix, so the light does not mean anything) and forearms that open up to mimic Optimus Primal deploying the cannon on each arm.

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Finally, the figure is complete with a diorama. Ray Studio designed and 3D printed a base diorama that looks like a corridor of a spaceship that has a folding phone at the end that plays a video of an outer space scene. Absolutely brilliant. You can witness the brilliant build in the video embedded below.

Honor Magic Vs turned into Optimus Primal

Images: YouTube (RAY STUDIO).

Arrow graphic by Image by starline on Freepik.

via Nerdist.

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