Love Hulten has came up with a brilliant solution for decluttering the living for gamers. Specifically, arcade gaming gamers. The product is a custom made coffee table with pull-out arcade controllers.

Coffee Table with Arcade Controllers

Love Hulten’s Coffee Table appears to be a classy, mid century style coffee table, but with a strange twist: a ‘drawer’ with arcade joystick for pull handles. Pull out the ‘drawer’ and voila! It reveals a pair of arcade controllers.

The pulls of the drawer also doubles as the joysticks of the arcade controller. Absolutely brilliant. Perfect way of decluttering the living for arcade gamers.

Coffee Table with Arcade Controllers

The coffee table is made of American walnut with brass hardware.

This particular example appears to be a recent custom piece by this talented artist. No idea how much it costs or if you can buy it at all. If you are interested, you can reach out to Love Hulten to find out more.

Coffee Table with Arcade Controllers

Images: Love Hulten.

Source: Uncrate.

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