Brikk Wants To Bedazzle Gamers With This Luxe DualShock 4 Controller

Well, this is one DualShock 4 controller I imagine Admiral General Aladeen would love to have if he had a Playstation 4 instead of Wii. Anyways, before you here is a super luxe DualShock 4 Controller from the gadget customizer with the Midas touch, Brikk. Aptly called Lux DualShock 4 Controller, this ultimate in gaming […]

ColorWare Adds A Nostalgic Feel To Joy-Cons And Pro Controller

Last August, we were enamored by ColorWare’s Joy-Cons Classic, the Joy-Con controllers for Nintendo Switch that has been customized with to look like the classic NES console. All 25 sets were swiftly snapped up and if you missed it, fret not, cos’ ColorWare has brought it back. Well, kind of… The Joy-Cons 8-bit, as it […]

Jigglypuff Game Controller Looks Like The Result Of A Botched Teleportation

If you have some idea how teleportation works in theory, you will know the devastating consequences if the object in transit does not form as it should on the receiving end. Well, the custom Jigglypuff GameCube Game Controller you see here looks like the Pokemon monster had a botched teleportation. All hideous and grotesque as […]

ColorWare ‘NES’ Joy Con, Colored Switch And Wolfenstein Consoles

Maybe I am not all into all things colored, but when the maestro of coloring gadgets posted a tweet of a Formula Red and Steel version of Nintendo’s latest game console, Switch, I am immediately sold. Indeed, as far as images go, steel color and red does look decidedly cool. No. In fact, it is […]

This Custom Fallout DualShock 4 Controller Has A Flipping Pip-Boy

While the gadgets and tech in Fallout are awesome, no one wished to be in that scenario and therefore, what’s in the game should stay in the game. But that doesn’t mean when you game, you can’t have something a little more, well, realistic, like maybe a controller that has a flipping Pip-Boy on it? […]

Finally, a Luxury Game Controller for the Grown Ups Without Looking Too Ostentatious

Video game controller is functional, but not necessarily the prettiest. If you think the same, you may want to consider souping up your controller with splashes of 24K gold for a touch of class, but if that’s a little on the ostentatious side (it is, btw), you can look forward to one that’s clad in […]

Colorware’s $300 a Piece 24K Gold Plated Game Controllers Sold Out in Matter of Days

Colorware made its name dishing out custom paint jobs for gadgets, where they are known to spice up those otherwise boring gadgets with brilliant colors of your choosing. That said, we certainly did not expect them to turn out 24K gold-plated examples, but did anyhow and the gadget or gadgets of choice that Colorway chose […]

EL QUADINAROS Dual Analog N64 Controller

strange as it may sounds but some thirteen years ago, Star Wars: Episode I Racer on Nintendo 64 has a code where users can enter, thus allowing the player to user two N64 controllers to control the pod racers’ engines individually. naturally, would require two players collaborating in harmony…

Ultimate Starcraft II Arcade Stick Controller

the definition of cool is wide and varied but one thing for sure is, you will know something is cool the first time you set eyes on it. the Ultimate Starcraft II Arcade Stick Controller is one such example. you don’t need to be a huge Starcraft or fighting games fan to know this controller is one heck of a beauty. custom made by one…