Well, this is one DualShock 4 controller I imagine Admiral General Aladeen would love to have if he had a Playstation 4 instead of Wii. Anyways, before you here is a super luxe DualShock 4 Controller from the gadget customizer with the Midas touch, Brikk. Aptly called Lux DualShock 4 Controller, this ultimate in gaming luxury is coated in 24K yellow gold, topped with three layers of protective clear veneer so it’d be able to stand up to rigor of actually being used.

Brikk Lux DualShock 4 Controller

Two versions are offered, namely, Classic and Deluxe. The former has the Playstation button replaced by one that is crafted from solid 18K gold and embellished with seven perfect diamonds of F/G color and VS clarity, totaling 0.25 carats, while the rest of the buttons are stock buttons straight from the original Sony JDM-055 model controller.

Brikk Lux DualShock 4 Controller
Brikk Lux DualShock 4 Controller – Classic version.

The Deluxe version, on the other hand, is the super blinged variety, featuring nine solid 18K gold buttons, including the Playstation button, the four directional buttons, and the iconic triangle, circle, ‘x’, and square buttons, all decorated with genuine conflict-free diamonds of F/G color and V.S. clarity. All told, the Deluxe boasts a cool 2.2 carats of precious stones.

If those bling isn’t enough for you, there are more:

“Full customization with a variety of bespoke options is available by request. The controller can be plated in platinum, rose gold, black rhodium or rainbow titanium, and the buttons can be made out of titanium, carbon, zinc, or magnesium.  Embellishment options include higher grade diamonds or alternative gems including rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and many other precious stones. For the perspicacious individual, dome shaped thumbsticks including custom stick heights and trigger stops can also be added, with  board mods like disabling vibration, faster rapid fire, and multiple custom game specific configurations. Uniquely crafted to exacting specifications, this is the ultimate companion for all discerning gamers.”

Brikk Lux DualShock 4 Controller
A close up look at the Classic version.

As you can see, unlike most of other luxe gadgets offered by Brikk, this controller is totally customizable right down to the technical aspects and that, my friends, is a true luxury. Anywho, regardless of how you want your DualShock 4 to be, each unit will be delivered with an exclusive Brikk aluminum case with a custom carbon fiber and foam insert and lush scarlet linen lined lid that I should think even James Bond would be green with envy.

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If you are up for it, you can pick up this exquisite controller over at Brikk website as we speak. And the price of such opulence? Oh, nothing much, it is ‘just’ $8,495-13,995.

Brikk Lux DualShock 4 Controller

All images courtesy of Brikk.

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