If you have some idea how teleportation works in theory, you will know the devastating consequences if the object in transit does not form as it should on the receiving end. Well, the custom Jigglypuff GameCube Game Controller you see here looks like the Pokemon monster had a botched teleportation. All hideous and grotesque as a result. I don’t know what went through the mind of the person who conceived this monstrosity. I mean, seriously, just look at the side-by-side comparison of the original adorable Jigglypuff (before she gets really pissed, obviously) and the product that arrived at the other end of the teleportation device.

Clearly, someone had accidentally left a GameCube controller in the delivery teleportation machine when Jigglypuff went it. The two got fused. Like Jeff Goldblum’s marriage to a tiny housefly. Yikes. Apparently, this custom game controller was created for some competition. It was a collaborative effort between SmashproofGC and Design_OOS, who somehow got sucked into the creation of the Frankenstein of the Pokemon/game controller world. But you can’t really blame Smashproof because, they did not dreamed up this on their own; it was based off illustrator Sam Strojny’s original artwork. Way to go Sammy, look what you have done to cute Jiggly. God have mercy on this poor Pokemon’s soul. Disregarding Sam’s cruelty to Jiggly, he does have some pretty dope illustrations. Be sure to check’em out on his Instagram page.

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Sam’s original doodle can be found here:

A post shared by Sam Strojny (@samstrojny) on

This is probably how Jigglypuff GameCube Controller felt if it was alive:

Images: Sam Strojny/Pokemon Wikia/SmashproofGC.

via Kotaku.

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