Wearing high-heel shoes is like being a Formula 1 race car driver. Beyond the glitz and glamor, there is the sweat and pain. As far as heels go, they can be painful to wear and that’s not to mention that they can be damaging to your feet with prolonged wear over many years. Enters GAIT-TECH.

GAIT-TECH Insole Tech for Stilettos

GAIT-TECH, an Italian fashion tech provider, has developed a new “foot-tech” that will make wearing heels “suffer-free”. GAIT-TECH’s solution is a patented biomechanical device that is integrated into the insoles of the high heels during the manufacturing stage. GAIT-TECH said this “foot-tech” will cushions impact and redistributes pressure to make the heels more comfortable without altering the design of the stilettos.

Speaking of design, it was penned by ex-Balmain footwear designer Diego Dolcini, who has previously worked with a string of famous labels, including Ermenegildo Zegna, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and more.

GAIT-TECH Insole Tech for Stilettos

Not going to lie. I do find it hard to believe how a device this small could result in such a huge impact. Anyhoo, here are the official words of how it works:

“The solution is based on 30 years of research and in-depth studies, to make it industrialized and is made of recycled polymer. The patented insole relieves pressure on the foot metatarsal boon in order to provide a healthier and more stable gait when the foot is verticalized in plantar flexion.”

GAIT-TECH Insole Tech for Stilettos

But never mind my skepticism because the device actually has an official certificate from Dr. Roberto Bevoni, MD, from the Orthopedic Institute Rizzoli Bologna and has earned an international patent for the invention from the official Italian Office of Patents and Trademarks – Ministry for Economic Development. So I guess, all is good?

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GAIT-TECH has taken its patented insole tech to CES 2023. You may find it at booth #8678 at Las Vegas Convention Center. You may also learn more over at the company’s website.

All images courtesy of GAIT-TECH.

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