Head Case In-Your-Face Luggage Cover by Firebox

How many of you here use a suitcase cover? From my little travel experience, I’d say not a lot. I do, in case you are wondering, because it not only helps to protect my precious luggage from nasty scratches, but also make it more recognizable when it rolls out on the luggage belt. Granted, my suitcase covers are from Samonite and American Tourister, which means, just about anyone could be using the same stuff and thus, there is a slight chance that it will be hard to identify right away. So far, I have yet to come across the exact same cover, but if you want to be sure, then a new suitcase cover called Head Case will be the failsafe solution.

Head Case In-Your-Face Luggage Cover by Firebox

Head Case is a custom print stretchable luggage cover which you can choose to put a giant image of your head (with your face, of course) on it. In that way, there’s no way anyone could mistook your luggage as theirs. Well, unless you have long lost twin which you don’t know about. Then again, there’s an odd that someone absolutely unrelated to you, actually look like you. But still, that odd is way lower than some having the same generic cover, or a generic weird-as-hell rainbow colored ribbon. Marketed by U.K. online retailer, Firebox, you will have a choice of image that will go on it and so, yeah, it is not necessary that you put your face on it like the example have shown.

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Head Case In-Your-Face Luggage Cover by Firebox

In face, you can pretty much put anyone’s head on it, but I would suggest your own just to minimize the confusion. I mean, you can choose to put Lady Gaga’s image, but how would you know she wasn’t on the same flight as you, right? Anywho, your chosen image will be printed on both sides of a durable polyester and spandex blend material to ensure vivid depiction and at the same, hugging your beloved suitcase like its dear life depends on it.

As with any suitcase cover, Head Case features “a series of openings” that will allow access to the handles. But be warned, if you ever use a cover like this, you will know openings almost never precise, but hey, that’s a small inconvenience in return for a head-turning luggage when it strut down the belt, don’t you think? You can find Head Case In-Your-Face Luggage Cover over at Firebox, priced at £19.99-29.99 (US$26-39), depending on the size of your suitcase.

Images: Firebox.

H/T: Mashable.