Instant photography is a norm today, but the good’ol way of instant photography, AKA analog instant photography? Not so much. There aren’t many options out there, but thanks to Lomography, you are getting one more option and it is called The Lomo’Instant Square Camera. It is billed as the world’s first fully analog instant camera that feeds on Fujifilm’s Instax Square film, So, you can satisfy your desire for analog photography without the intervention of digital technology. Nothing much here. It is just pure analog imaging fun without the unbearable anticipation. The camera boasts a collapsible bellows design that addresses the portability side of things and it comes outfitted with a 95 mm glass lens paired to a zone focusing system for ease of focusing.

The Lomo’Instant Square Camera by Lomography

While being analog, it does boast several intuitive features including an automatic mode that adjusts shutter speed, aperture and flash output to ensure perfect exposure, LED exposure counter to keep track of remaining frames, self timer for selfie/wefie shots, remote control shutter release for those who prefer not to be at the mercy of a self-timer, built-in flash and flash off mode for controlling how much light you want shed on each shot, color gel flash filters to turn shots into fun, dual-tone photos, plus a few exposure tweaks like exposure compensation, long exposure and analog photographer favorite, multiple exposure mode.

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Now, Lomography has been around for over two decades, but the company have, every once in a while, taken to Kickstarter to launch its new product and ‘once in the a while’ happens to be now. It has taken The Lomo’Instant Square Camera to the popular crowdfunding platform where, depending on the materials and the package, you can pre-order a unit for $129-194. At the time of this writing the campaign 385 percent funded with nearly 2,000 backers behind it and so, yeah, your pledge is a pre-order and it will be fulfilled sometime in February 2018.

Images: Lomography.

Kickstarter via PetaPixel.

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