Custom Built Beijing 2022’s Mascot Figure With A Beautiful Twist

Back in February 2022, Bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot of the Winter Olympic Games 2022, was all the rage. The mascot’s toy was selling like hotcakes with many fans could not get their hands on one, thus resulting in scalpers having quite a field day.

Xiaomi Mix Fold Turned It Into A Miniature City That Packs Into A Globe

The Gunpla model builder Ray Studio who rebuilt a smartphone into a mech sculpture and turned a Braun shaver into a stunning robot sculpture is back. This time, Ray Studio took apart the Xiaomi’s first folding phone, Mix Fold, and turned it into a miniature city model that features Shanghai Pudong (上海浦东) on one corner …

Believe It Or Not, This Model Of A Robot Used To Be A Braun Electric Shaver

Remember Ray Studio? The Gunpla model builder who turned a smartphone into an amazing mech sculpture? He has been turning a lot other things in robots since we last featured his work. Well, this is his latest work: an electric shaver reconstructed into a futuristic robot.