Hard to imagine this beautiful motorcycle was once a 1980 BMW R100 RS. I know right. It is so different. Named ‘Good Ghost’, this custom two-wheeler is the third of the Phantom series by Kingston Custom.

Good Ghost Custom BMW Motorcycle

What’s amazing is, the chassis is mostly stock – save for the shaft drive swing arm which is not single-shock BMW ‘Monolever’ unit paired to a YSS shock. We shan’t into the technicality of it. However, if you interested into all the design and tech talk, you can read in details HERE.

Anywho, what makes this ride pops is the full-length fairing – hand-shaped from 2 mm thick aluminum. Love the kidney shaped grills upfront – which is inspired by the 30’s BMW roadster.

Good Ghost Custom BMW Motorcycle

A less subtle but interesting bit is, the fuel tank is replaced by a small fuel cell and it is not where it usually is; it now located behind the transmission. An external fuel pump has to be fitted to deliver gas to the motor.

Where the fuel tank used to be is now a custom “dash’ with a column of Kingston-branded gauges from MMB that seamlessly integrated with a custom leather saddle.

This seamless dash-saddle piece opens up, like a car’s hood, to revealed a leather-lined storage designed to hold a bottle of wine and a glass. The lift mechanism is ‘playful’ too; it is made up of a corkscrew, spare spark plug and plug cap. Like, how cool is that?

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There is more. One side of rear fender opens to reveal a tool kit storage while the other side, a selection of century-old silverware – both which are also leather-lined.

Somehow, Good Ghost has a Rocketeer cross steampunk vibe to it. And that, IMHO, is super dope.

If you like, you can learn more and see more images over at BIKEEXIF.

Good Ghost Custom BMW Motorcycle

Images: Kingston Custom via BIKEEXIF.


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