Gordon Murray Automotive T.33 Spider

Gordon Murray Automotive has just revealed the topless version of its sold-out T.33 Coupe, the T.33 Spider. The T.33 Spider is Gordon Murray Automotive’s first V12 Spider supercar. The new GMA T.33 Spider is shaped around iStream Ultralight carbon fiber monocoque technology and hand-built alongside T.33 at GMA’s new bespoke facility at Windlesham in the U.K.

Gordon Murray Automotive T.33 Spider

The GMA T.33 Spider features two removable roof panels and a rear drop glass to deliver an authentic Spider driving experience with an unmistakable soundtrack. When removed, the carbon composite roof panels can be stowed in the 115 L front luggage compartment (drunk).

You will not be left without storage space when the roof panels are stored in the car, though, because two side lockers are available, offering an additional 180 L of storage space.

Gordon Murray Automotive T.33 Spider

In addition to the all-new surfacing after the A-pillar, the Spider’s fixed rear section of the roof also serves as a rollover protection. Under the hood, it remains unchanged. This means it is powered by a naturally-aspirated 3.9L Cosworth GMA.2 V12 engine that produces 617 PS (609 HP) and 451 Nm (333 lb-ft), and like the hardtop variant, it is rear-wheel drive and mated to an H-gate six-speed manual gearbox.

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Finally, the T.33 Spider exterior and interior options have been curated by the Design team into four themes – including one with a palette inspired by Gordon Murray’s love for a tropical shirt.

Only 100 units of the T.33 Spider will be produced. If you want one, be sure to touch base with Gordon Murray Automotive’s sales team now. Like, pronto.

All images courtesy of Gordon Murray Automotive.