if you have been conquering the last mile using a skateboard (i.e. using it as a form of transportation between public commutes), you will know the pros and cons. lets talk about the cons. first, you have one more thing to carry in addition to your backpack (that’s if you carry one) and second, it requires endless kicking, which is something you don’t want to do cos’ turning up to work drenched in sweat sucks. the solution? stuck an electric skateboard into a backpack and wa la, problem solved and that’s precisely what the creator did to create Movpak: a backpack with an integrated electric skateboard. like most electric-powered skateboard, it operates via a remote which you can conveniently stash in the backpack when you don’t need it.

Movpak Backpack Electric Skateboard

when you are done with the riding, the skateboard folds away into the back of the backpack for a cumbersome-free carrying. when stowed away, all four wheels will be under backpack which will provide you another way of lugging the bag around – in addition to backpacking and skating. the skateboard is capable of hitting 15 mph and can travel up to 9 miles before needing to spend a couple of hours charging via a wall outlet. you can also make use of the skateboard’s onboard battery to recharge your gadgets too, but that obviously, will shave some ride time off your last mile transportation. however, all the convenience the Movpak Backpack Electric Skateboard can provides come with two hefts: first it has a physical heft of a grand 17 pounds and second, this backpack-skateboard combo has a hefty price tag of at least $1,190.

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the outfit has turned to Kickstarter to gather the funds necessary for them to finalize the product and hit production. it has 36 more days to go and has since racked in over $36,000 out of the $100 grand it hopes to achieve. if you think Movpak is the missing link in your home-work-home routine and you have pretty penny to drop, then head on down to Movpak’s Kickstarter page to show your love. keep going for product video to learn more.

Movpak Backpack Electric Skateboard

Movpak via Engadget

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