video: Doc Brown appears to promote Garbarino store

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Back to the Future is one of the favorite science friction movie of many who grew up in the 80s and years after it was first screened, it still inspires many and gathers even more followers along the way, and yours truly here is happens to be one of them. speaking of which, it is one of the few movies that has a vehicle that is so memorable even 25 years on and that vehicle is none other than the DeLorean, and along with it is the man who invented (in the movie, of course) Doc Emmet L. Brown played by Christopher Lloyd.
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the movie reference to technologies is therefore unmistakable and fast forward 25 years on, it seems a natural for an electronic store to bank on these evergreen icons to promote their store. that’s exactly what this Argentina-based electronic store Garbarino did. naturally, it got my attention (and believe me, i watch it many time over). i particularly love how ‘Doc’ reference today’s high-tech gadgets to his own ‘inventions’ in this commercial. time machine is not a reality (and better be) but anything that gives us a reason to reminisce about this great movie and its concept, and the ever so sexy DeLorean, is good for all BTTF fans. did i tell you i am one? join me after the break for the video.

YouTube video via Autoblog

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