NuForce Icon iDo audiophile-grade DAC and headphone amp

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NuForce Icon iDo | US$249.00 |

with the influx of digital audio formats, even the purest audiophile becomes weaken and bend to the force of digital formats but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality for these digital formats. as far as iDevices are concerned, this is where the NuForce Icon iDo comes in. iDo connects to any of your iDevice via the dock connector. it works by bypassing the iDevice’s built-in Digital Audio Converter, extracts the audio data in its original digital form in USB Host Mode and then converts these digital files using its own converter to send high fidelity music to your high-end desktop speakers via RCA cables or single coaxial cable.
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for a more personal experience, you can choose to enjoy these audiophile-grade audio through its 3.5-mm audio jack that features a built-in headphone amplifier totally capable of powering your power-hungry high-fidelity cans. though i must say that how the end result of your digital files sound is also largely dependent on the quality of your ripped music. however, audio enjoyment is a form of luxury and as such, the NuForce Icon iDo is going to set you back at $249. affordable by audiophile equipment’s standard but pretty expensive if you think that all it does is to churn our beautiful audio from your iDevice.

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NuForce via Uncrate

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