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New Drop + Optoma NuForce True Wireless Earbuds Costs $90 At Launch

If you are in the market for a pair of true wireless earbuds with a reputable name behind it and without breaking the bank, then you may want to check out this collaborative true wireless earbuds from Optoma NuForce and Drop (formerly Massdrop), Drop + NuForce MOVE True Wireless IEMs (in-ear monitors, or basically a fancy way of saying earbuds). Continue reading New Drop + Optoma NuForce True Wireless Earbuds Costs $90 At Launch

Optoma NuForce’s New DDA120 Multipurpose Digital Amplifier to be Available Starting March for $700

If you don’t already know. NuForce, the specialist audio equipment maker, was acquired by Silicon Valley-based projector maker, Optoma to complement the firm’s projector portfolio. The acquisition was finalized late last year and Optoma was quick to act, introducing a new audio range back in January, which includes the DDA120 all-in-one digital amplifier you see here. Optoma said it “is the only device you’ll need to run your home entertainment setup without breaking the bank.” Well, that, depends on your threshold of “breaking the bank.” In any case, expect it to run you back at $699. However, considering it is of audiophile-grade and assuming it remains as the NuForce the audiophile community has come to know, then a bargain it would be. Continue reading Optoma NuForce’s New DDA120 Multipurpose Digital Amplifier to be Available Starting March for $700

NuForce Primo 8 In-Ear Headphones

it may look like a pair of beautiful flower buds and has a name that sounds more like an Italian pizza eatery, but rest assure that the NuForce Primo 8 In-Ear Headphones is nothing as casual. in fact, it boasts a huge amount of technologies packed into those tiny buds that beckons for audiophiles’ attention. each earbud is outfitted with four proprietary balanced armature speakers forming a unique 3-way design – with a pair to handle the bass, one covers the midrange, while another takes care of treble delivery – effectively making each earbud a monitor by itself, only that these monitors are designed to be stuck in your sound holes. drivers aside, it has a patent-pending three-way phase-coherent crossover design for a linear phase performance that prevents excessive frequency overlap, resulting in a natural, three-dimensional soundstage. Continue reading NuForce Primo 8 In-Ear Headphones

NuForce Icon DAC and Headphone Amplifier

Android users who are looking to up their ante in the audio department can finally rejoice. the latest incarnation of the NuForce Icon amplifier, the NuForce Icon DAC and Headphone Amplifier, now delivers the latest in mobile device connectivity by supporting USB audio for Android devices – though it is worthy to note that only devices on Android 4.1.1 and above, and with OTG will be supported. as the model name implies, this new Icon is both a Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) and a headphone amplifier, and it can also be used as a pre-amp. features include analog RCA and digital coaxial output, a 6.3mm headphone output jack, RCA and 3.5mm analog inputs, USB input, DAC sampling rates up to 96kHz, 32 bits resolution and direct-stream digital (DSD) decoding, and for headphones-based audiophiles, you’d be glad to know that it is capable of driving 600-ohm headphones, which means the audio cans amplification department is totally covered – even if you have the highest end audio cans. Continue reading NuForce Icon DAC and Headphone Amplifier

NuForce Mobile Music Pump – Portable Headphone Amplifier

green with envy of those Beats-equipped smartphones? don’t. your all other non-Beats smartphones and media players can sound as good – if you put down $59 for this NuForce Mobile Music Pump (MMP in short), a portable headphone amplifier. as high-end as your audio cans could be, the fact remains that today’s portable media devices aren’t made to amp them up enough to realize the cans’ audio potential but with the MMP, things might sound a little different, or maybe more than just “a little.” the MMP uses a standard 3.5mm headphone jack for input and output, and allows you to adjust the gain from between 3X to 5X. a built-in 200 mAh battery provides you with over 8 hours of enjoyment. at this price point, one really shouldn’t expect audio bliss like you would get from audiophile-grade items such as the Woo Audio WA7, but still it is a little amp than nothing at all. Continue reading NuForce Mobile Music Pump – Portable Headphone Amplifier

NuForce NE-650M In-Ear Headphones

it is natural to associate big brand name with big price, but not in the case of NuForce. their latest NuForce NE-650M in-ear headphones is anything but wallet crunching. costing just $44.95 a pop, the NE-650M is the newest addition to its critically acclaimed NE-600 series audio buds and each earbud is equipped with a 11mm driver with aerodynamic acoustic porting system that is said to provide a “harmonically correct tonality, a deeply layered soundstage and superb acoustic isolation.” all told, the firm promised that the NE-650 has a greater level of performance over its predecessors and that is to note that the earlier NE-600 earphones is already lauded by many for its audio performance. other highlights includes beautiful piano-black housing with a slight touch of red, self-untangling flat OFC cable, and an inline remote with integrated microphone for handsfree music control, as well as taking of calls, wraps up the package. Continue reading NuForce NE-650M In-Ear Headphones

NuForce IA-18 Integrated Amplifier

gone were the days where getting good sounds require you to have mad scientist’s lab-like setup. everything has been shrunk down to a point where you could now get audiophile-grade sound even from a small cube device. however, if you are one who is adamant on the ‘old school’ setup i.e. multiple components, it doesn’t necessary mean your living or entertainment room will look like a power substation. the NuForce IA-18 Integrated Amplifier is one good example of an AV components that offers you the best in audio amplification without the bulk and also, it has the look that would fit into any contemporary decor. Continue reading NuForce IA-18 Integrated Amplifier

NuForce HP-800 Headphones

NuForce HP-800 Headphones
NuForce HP-800 Headphones | US$149.00 | www.nuforce.com

when you have a headphone from a name like NuForce, being all flashy is the last thing it will ever need. in fact, the sweet sound that NuForce has been known for will make any plain jane cans look strangely attractive and that’s precisely what the NuForce HP-800 Headphones is all about. designed for both music pros and audio enthusiasts, this studio-monitor class audio cans sport an unassuming appearance with only a couple of branding in gold finish on its large outer earcups that gives a hint on where it hails from. Continue reading NuForce HP-800 Headphones

NuForce S3-BT Bookshelf Speakers

NuForce S3-BT Bookshelf Speakers
NuForce S3-BT Bookshelf Speakers | US$299.00 | www.nuforce.com

it was not long ago that audiophile community cringes at the idea of streaming music over Bluetooth but that was then. with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 and apt-X audio coding technology introduced into Bluetooth stereo products, wireless streaming over Bluetooth is now almost indistinguishable from its wired counterpart – a cue for audiophile equipment maker to jump into the bandwagon and that’s what NuForce did with their latest offering: the NuForce S3-BT, a pair of bookshelf speakers that take advantage of the Bluetooth 4.0 technology, along with apt-X and AAC Continue reading NuForce S3-BT Bookshelf Speakers

NuForce Cube

NuForce Cube
(photos: NuForce) NuForce Cube | US$119.00 | www.nuforce.com

our urge to share is immense and that sharing doesn’t just stops at photos or videos but it goes on to music as well, which prompted us to blast our music through the pathetic speaker of our mobile devices. at the end of the day, it just makes the otherwise sweet sound worst and annoying others, which is not what we want. unless you fancy the latter situation, you will need a little aid from a good portable external speaker. one like the NuForce Cube. packed within this 2″ cube speaker is a headphone amplifier, a high performance speaker, and an audiophile grade USB Digital Audio Converter. Continue reading NuForce Cube