it is natural to associate big brand name with big price, but not in the case of NuForce. their latest NuForce NE-650M in-ear headphones is anything but wallet crunching. costing just $44.95 a pop, the NE-650M is the newest addition to its critically acclaimed NE-600 series audio buds and each earbud is equipped with a 11mm driver with aerodynamic acoustic porting system that is said to provide a “harmonically correct tonality, a deeply layered soundstage and superb acoustic isolation.” all told, the firm promised that the NE-650 has a greater level of performance over its predecessors and that is to note that the earlier NE-600 earphones is already lauded by many for its audio performance. other highlights includes beautiful piano-black housing with a slight touch of red, self-untangling flat OFC cable, and an inline remote with integrated microphone for handsfree music control, as well as taking of calls, wraps up the package.

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