it may look like a pair of beautiful flower buds and has a name that sounds more like an Italian pizza eatery, but rest assure that the NuForce Primo 8 In-Ear Headphones is nothing as casual. in fact, it boasts a huge amount of technologies packed into those tiny buds that beckons for audiophiles’ attention. each earbud is outfitted with four proprietary balanced armature speakers forming a unique 3-way design – with a pair to handle the bass, one covers the midrange, while another takes care of treble delivery – effectively making each earbud a monitor by itself, only that these monitors are designed to be stuck in your sound holes. drivers aside, it has a patent-pending three-way phase-coherent crossover design for a linear phase performance that prevents excessive frequency overlap, resulting in a natural, three-dimensional soundstage.

NuForce Primo 8 In-Ear Headphones

additionally, care has also been taken to pair the drivers with nothing less than high-performing cables and in this case, it is a proprietary cable design, known as star-pattern Litz cable, that will ensure the most accurate sound reproduction possible. basically, this is a piece of serious audiophile equipment, which naturally comes with a steeper than usual price tag. expect the Primo 8 to set you back at a staggering 500 bucks. then again, that’s not even the most expensive audio buds your money can buy, which kind of places these buds as a ‘bargain’.

NuForce Primo 8 In-Ear Headphones
NuForce Primo 8 In-Ear Headphones

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