Dexim out AppSpeed Monster Truck for iOS devices

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(image credit: Dexim) Dexim AppSpeed Monster Truck | US$69.90 |

our i-controlled life continues with Dexim’s AppSpeed Monster Truck, a tiny monster truck that is controlled by your iDevice like the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. instead of the traditional controller, this monster truck is controlled by your iDevice via a free AppSpeed app. the package includes a RF dongle that connects to your iDevice dock connector and control of the vehicle is either via touchscreen using the crude directional graphics or you can make yourself look pretty awkward by controlling it using tilt-action. besides the basic directional control, it speed is fully controllable by the user too. other features include multiplayer mode for racing with your buds, three preset stations that allow the vehicle to automatically ZigZag, Spin or Dance to the music. the Dexim AppSpeed Monster Truck will be available for $69.90, while the accompanying app is available for free on the Apple AppStore. check out a product intro video after the break.
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Dexim via Engadget

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