What happens when the person in charge of the Mizusawa Foundry Industry Cooperative Association, an organization that makes traditional ironware called nanbu tekkei, and a traditional iron hardware craftsman both love Evangelion? Well, sparks fly, of course, and then this happened: the Nanbu Tekki Evangelion 0.4L Iron Kettle.

Nanbu Tekki Evangelion 0.4L Japanese Iron Kettle Nanbu Tekki Evangelion 0.4L Japanese Iron Kettle

Nanbu Tekki, which loosely translates to Northern Ironware, is a trademarked name. While it began as a craft’s name that emerged from a specific region over 400 years ago, it has evolved to become a revered name that is reserved for ironware that is produced in the Morioka City and Oshu City in the Iwate prefecture.

Nanbei Tekki is highly sought-after ironware that often costs a pretty penny. So, yeah, the Nanbu Tekki Evangelion 0.4L Japanese Iron Kettle, or Nanbu Tekki Tetsubin Evangelion in Japanese is a classy piece of kitchenware. It is a marriage of traditional craftsmanship and modern pop culture.

Nanbu Tekki Evangelion 0.4L Japanese Iron Kettle

The iron kettle features a 3D image of the EVA Unit 01 across the top, across the lid, and the word “Evangelion”, also in 3D style, completes the Evangelion touches. Actually, no. It also comes with an exclusive manual, created just for this special kettle.

With this unique iron kettle, Mizusawa Foundry Industry hopes to create awareness for this centuries-old traditional craft and perhaps, motivate everyday people to use traditionally crafted iron kettles. And yes, it is a thing money can buy.

The Nanbu Tekki Evangelion 0.4L Iron Kettle can be had – in Japan – for a princely sum of 33,000 yen, which works to be around US$279 based on the current going rate.

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Images: Mizusawa Foundry Industry [JP].



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