What we have here is an example of the convergence of gadgets. The Morph Power Bank is not just any power bank. Sure, it is sleek as hell, but beyond the design is a coming together of a power bank and a power strip.

It is a power bank with swappable batteries. This means, when a battery pack is depleted, you can just swap it out for a fresh one. In some way, it is like carrying with you multiple power banks, except that, save for the one that is plugged into Morph, the rest of the batteries are pretty much useless.

Morph Power Bank with Modular Batteries

It sounds rather counter-intuitive. But then I found out that also has pass through Power Delivery (PD) charging that lets you charge Morph while charging other gadgets. So, it is also a power strip of sort. Really, really strange. Strange enough to beg the question “is really necessary?” Well, perhaps. I don’t know.

The battery is hot-swappable, btw. So there’s no need to remove any connection. Each battery packs 20,400 mAh and so, if you were to carry two, you are lock and ready with 40,800 mAh.

I/Os include a dual USB-C PD (100 W and 60 W), dual USB-A that supports QC 3.0, an AC wall outlet serving 100W/120V 60 Hz (or 230V 50 Hz for international version), a solar-ready charging port, and a USB-C PD input that will charge up Morph in just an hour and a half.

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Morph Energy, Inc. claims that Morph is both FAA and TSA approved. In addition, it has a smart power management and multi-level protection built into it, and it is intelligent enough to reserve some power to emergency charging.

Rounding up the package is a 10W Qi wireless charging and an OLED display for battery status and whatnot. Like I have said, it is a rather unusual gadget.

We dug around for more information, but to no avail. No link to the company’s website; only page on Tom’s Find and it being on crowdfunding platform does help much. However, if you want to the plunge, you can secure a unit for $189 and up. Be warned though that shipping will not happen until in April 2020.

Images: Tom’s Find (Morph Energy, Inc.).

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