If you have a thing for classic rides by a defunct marque, well, then I pretty sure you will dig this rebuilt 1976 Supercharged Triumph Stag. Apparently, build by West London-based Triumph specialist, Enginuity, this beautiful 76’ example features modified suspension, all-round disc brakes, and BMW limited slip differential supplied by Monarch and Chris Witor. The car was driven up Prescott Hill Climb and signed British Formula One legend Sir Stirling Moss in 2011.

1976 Supercharged Triumph Stag by Enginuity
Nice license plate, but that will cost extra if you want it.

Beyond that, not much is known about this sweet classic from the 70s, but one thing we do know is, it is up for grab now. And the price? An equally sweet £37,000 (about US$52,100). Whether or not it is worth the dough, it is hard to pass a judgement as little is known about this British racing green beauty. If you are keen, you can find contact details HERE. For the uninitiated, the Triumph Stag was produced between 1971-1977 and it came with a 2,997cc V8 motor. The car was a product of the non-defunct Triumph Motor Company which had a history dating back to 1885. Yep. It is that old.

1976 Supercharged Triumph Stag by Enginuity
Man, just look at the interior. It looks so pristine!

While the automaker’s cars were well-received, it was plagued by a tremulous history 50 years into its existence that ultimately saw it changed hands several times before the marque was retired in 1984. Interestingly, BMW owns the trademark now when it acquired Rover Group in 1994. The German automaker managed to retain the rights to the marque after off-loading Rover to the Phoenix Consortium. Even so, at this point, the possibility of a revival is still rather faint. However, if there’s one thing BMW Group knows, it would be reviving marques and I am sure if it eventually do, fans will be elated. God, how have I wish the Triumph TR3 has a modern take!

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1976 Supercharged Triumph Stag by Enginuity
Driven up the Prescott Hill Climb and signed by the legend.
1976 Supercharged Triumph Stag by Enginuity
A look at the immaculate 2,997cc V8 motor.
1976 Supercharged Triumph Stag by Enginuity
Sir Stirling Moss ready to take on the Prescott Hill in 2011. He was 82 years old then.

Images: HMF Solutions via Tweeter.

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