The mention of Hoonigan’s Gymkhana series, the name Ken Block pops up. Well, not anymore. Subaru Motorsports USA driver Travis Pastrana is taking over the wheel along with this: the Subaru Gymkhana STI, a custom-built Subaru WRX STI based on a production sedan.

Subaru Gymkhana STI Sports Sedan

Gymkhana series is going back to its roots and hence, a Scooby. This monstrosity has a raw carbon body and an aggressive, wind tunnel-proven aero package that I suspect is intentionally done to do more than aero duties: to instill fear in everyone that are not inside the car.

Subaru Gymkhana STI Sports Sedan

This thing is loaded with canards, splitters and diffusers before topping of with a huge-ass rear wing. Under the hood is a hand-built and delimited Subaru Boxer engine that spits flames out through a custom hood-exit exhaust. This is one very angry Scooby that will fit right into Paul W. S. Anderson’s Death Race or Mad Max: Fury Road.

The wild tire destroyer also boasts long travel suspension, and a race-ready interior built to Pastrana’s specs. Subaru did not offer up numbers. But we don’t need that. You can learn more about this wild STI HERE.

Images: Subaru Motorsports USA.

Hat tip: Uncrate.

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