Subaru Gymkhana STI Is Loaded With Canards, Spits Flames Out Of The Hood

The mention of Hoonigan’s Gymkhana series, the name Ken Block pops up. Well, not anymore. Subaru Motorsports USA driver Travis Pastrana is taking over the wheel along with this: the Subaru Gymkhana STI, a custom-built Subaru WRX STI based on a production sedan.

Three Jumps On A Motorcycle, Travis Pastrana Became The New Legend

Evel Knievel, born Robert Craig Knievel Jr., was known for his daredevil stunts and records which remained largely unchallenged, but this week, on one calm hot day in Vegas, one person broke Knievel’s records. The person who did that was none other than Travis Pastrana, the man who readily jumped out of a plane without …