KALEA Fully Automatic Kitchen Composter

The truth is, you are not a truly ‘green’ person even if you practice reuse, reduce and recycle diligently because of food waste. Thankfully, you can do something about food waste and that’s by composting.

If you think composting is not for anyone who does not have a backyard, well, the good news is you don’t need a backyard to get started because, there is the KALEA Fully Automatic Kitchen Composter.

KALEA Fully Automatic Kitchen Composter

Not only KALEA makes composting in the kitchen possible and odor-free, it also promised to produce compost in mere 48 hours. But 48 hours in not the boldest claim yet. Back in 2017, ZERA claimed that it could do it in jut 24. I guess its just different tech? Maybe?

It is about this latest entrant KALEA today. Developed in Stuttgart, Germany, KALEA is about the size of a kitchen trash can (and looks like one too) that will compost your everyday food waste like fruit, vegetables, dairy products, meat and even bits of shell and small bones.

Here’s how it works:

“KALEA has two chambers; the first shreds, dries, and stores material and the second uses sensors and an intelligent control system to maintain the ideal temperature, humidity, and aeration to create nutrient-rich compost that helps plants grow.”

KALEA Fully Automatic Kitchen Composter

The second chamber is where the real magic happens. It accelerates the metabolism of microorganisms already present in the food waste and in the process, enables the material to break down faster as opposed to leaving to their own devices which could take months.

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Two days are all it takes and the entire process is fully automatic. The device does have an activated carbon filter to ensure that it is completely odorless. And it is app-enabled too, allowing you to monitor the process.

When all is done, the compost is deposited into a removable bin at the bottom of the device, which you can then remove and empty into your garden. Not all of it though.

KALEA Fully Automatic Kitchen Composter

KALEA said the ratio should be 1:10; 1 part compost and 10 parts soil. If you cook or have take away everyday, you could end up with more compost than you ever need. Thankfully, the compost could be kept up to two years.

Then again, it could pile really quickly. If that’s the case, we suggest that you donate the compose to your local community like schools and such that has a garden.

In any case, having those food waste compose is way better than having it going to the landfills.

You can learn more about KALEA over at the product page as well as on Kickstarter where you can also pre-order a unit with a pledge of €549 or more (about US$645), The campaign is funded and so it is a pre-order. But warned though, the product will not ship until December 2021.

KALEA Fully Automatic Kitchen Composter

All images courtesy of KALEA.