You can’t call yourself a true tree-hugger if you are dumping 400 pounds of food waste year. I mean, on one hand, you are lobbying to keep the greens, but on the other, you are inevitably throwing food waste that ultimately ends up in a landfill. Now, that does not sound like a good thing, is it? And surely don’t make you a true green person. You can, however, reduce the food waste generated by you and your family by not eating, or you could turn those food waste into compose. But that leads to another set of problems. Home composting takes up large amount of space and it could take months, if not years to compost naturally. That’s not to mention the foul stench the process would create. This is an area which ZERA Food Recycler aims to address.

ZERA Food Recycler for Home by WLabs

Developed specifically for home use by Whirlpool’s innovation incubator, WLabs, ZERA Food Recycler uses a combination of a plant-based addictive, a mixer blade to break down the food, and a system that regulates the temperature and moisture to turn a week’s worth of food waste into fertilizer in a matter of a day. ZERA Food Recycler’s expedited composting process reduces the food waste by 2/3 of its original volume, turning what used to be food waste into ready-to-use fertilizer which can be used on your garden and like any modern high-tech appliances today, the entire process can be remotely monitored (and even operated) remotely via a companion app.

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ZERA Food Recycler for Home by WLabs

While it sounds awesome and all, you have to understand that stockpiling of food waste and the composting process will inevitably generate undesirable odors. Though the device did come equipped with a HEPA/carbon filter, it is, from what we read, “designed to reduce odors” and therefore, never a promise of an odor-free process. Anywho, if you are keen in giving ZERA Food Recycler a go despite the possible shortcoming, then you can pre-order it on Indiegogo for between $899 and $999, depending on how soon you act on it.

ZERA Food Recycler for Home by WLabs

Images: Wlabs.

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