Whirlpool’s New Front Load Washer Has A Built-in Detergent Dispenser

Whirlpool has a new washing machine that will eliminate one step in the usual laundry process. The Whirlpool Smart Front Load Laundry Pair, as it is called, features a Load & Go dispenser that lets you add detergent to the washer and it will auto-distribute soap for up to 40 loads. OK. It will not […]

ZERA Turns Your Home’s Food Waste Into Ready-To-Use Fertilizer In 24 Hrs

You can’t call yourself a true tree-hugger if you are dumping 400 pounds of food waste year. I mean, on one hand, you are lobbying to keep the greens, but on the other, you are inevitably throwing food waste that ultimately ends up in a landfill. Now, that does not sound like a good thing, […]

Swash Is A Machine That Takes Care Of Your Dirty Clothes Without Washing

doing laundry is part of parcel of our daily lives, however, if you often find yourself facing mountains of unwashed laundry (we don’t want to judge), then Whirlpool might be able to help. in partnership with Procter and Gamble, it has developed a home appliance that will help postpone your trips to the laundromat. described […]