doing laundry is part of parcel of our daily lives, however, if you often find yourself facing mountains of unwashed laundry (we don’t want to judge), then Whirlpool might be able to help. in partnership with Procter and Gamble, it has developed a home appliance that will help postpone your trips to the laundromat. described as the “microwave for clothes”, the Swash Express Clothing Care System, as it is officially called, is geared towards people who have the penchant of wearing used clothes over and over again before washing it. such a habit may not necessary be the act of laziness or slobs (oops); it could be for clothing longevity or the opposite, for garments such as jeans, which is said to have a more distressed and worn look if wash less often.

Swash Express Clothing Care System

in such cases, this machine will remove the odors and wrinkles of the unwashed clothes to make them look and smell fresher, so no one will ever suspect you didn’t do your laundry. they may just think that you are much like Ronald McDonald who has only one type of outfit, or they may not even notice at all. in any case, the machine is not a magic box, it can’t make seriously messed up clothes look fresh. for those, we suggest to you take the pain and hit up your local laundromat. the operation is pretty straightforward. all you have to do is to place your clothing on a hanger inside the narrow, four-foot tall machine and insert a gel-filled pod. inside, four nozzles will spray the gel onto the fabric to hydrate the fibers to remove any wrinkles.

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after which, thermal heating will kick in to dry the garment. all these are executed in just 10 minutes or 15 minutes on Heavy Duty cycle. while it sounds like a brilliant solution, especially for winter season, the machine has its limitations. as mentioned earlier, anything “really dirty” is beyond the Swash’s capability, and same goes to stains and stuff, which obviously calls for laundry. on top of that, you are looking at initial investment of $499, which is fairly pricey and not to mention this thing chomps up 1,300 watts of electricity.

Swash Express Clothing Care System

Swash Express Clothing Care System

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