Dyson DC36 Compact Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC36 Compact Vacuum Cleaner
(photos: Dyson) Dyson DC36 Compact Vacuum Cleaner | US$tba | www.dyson.com

you know why they call housekeeping routines as household chores? because it is indeed a chore and unless you have the financial capacity to engage a domestic helper, you probably has to execute those chores yourself. let’s not take self-pity on ourselves, shall we? if it got to be done, it has to be done and that said, why not make those chores more enjoyable with something functional and yet, as good-looking as the Dyson DC36 Compact Vacuum Cleaner? the DC36 features Dyson’s Ball technology that offers ease of maneuverability over tight corners, hygienic bin emptying without contacting the dirt, Dyson’s Radial Root Cyclone technology for maximum suction power, ability to capture microscopic particles, and it does need any vacuum bag, thus the vacuum does not lose its power over time. all the above-mentioned goodness, all wrapped in a sleek design that Dyson has been known for. a few more look at this beautiful home appliance after the break.

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