You probably don’t need to know that if the sun is on your left in the morning, it is likely that you are facing South, and also you do not need to use stars to determine the cardinal directions because we have Maps that give all sorts of information. But electronics can fail or run out of juice, so it will be nice to keep a compass handy when that happens.

Path-22 Interchangeable Coin-sized Compass

If you are thinking the same, then you may want to take a look at Path-22. This latest project from the maker of tiny EDCs like the smaller-than-a-pink flashlight, Septem Studio, is super tiny too. It is a tad larger than a UK two pounds coin at 30 mm (1.18″) and at 0.8 oz (22g) or less, this little guy barely weighs anything.

The Path-22 may be small but this little fellow is a tough nut. It is super durable, crafted to stand up to the toughest outdoor conditions and it is IPX8 waterproof too.

It has an ultra-sleek yet minimalist design and there is actually two part to it: the compass core and the frame. This means it is interchangeable and replaceable, thus allowing you to use the core most suitable to the expected environmental conditions.

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Path-22 Interchangeable Coin-sized Compass

Speaking of the compass core, you have a choice of an air-filled compass or a liquid-filled compass core – each presenting its own strength and weaknesses.

Completing the package is a luminous dial that affords low light reading of cardinal directions.

The small size of the Path-22 lets you tuck it into a pocket, attached it to a zipper of your jacket or bag, or hook it up to your keychain, ready to be deployed whenever you need it.

It is available in a choice of finishes, namely, polished solid brass (22g or 0.8 oz), grade 5 titanium polished, or stonewashed (both 12g). If you are down to adding this sleek compass to your EDC, you may pre-order it on Kickstarter for £28 and up (about US$35 and up).

Path-22 Interchangeable Coin-sized Compass

The campaign is well over its funding goal and so, a pledge for a product is a pre-order which all goes as planned, should see delivery sometime starting in September 2023. Also, Septem Studio is a veteran when it comes to crowdfunding with 8 successfully funded campaigns under its belt.

Path-22 Interchangeable Coin-sized Compass

Images: Septem Studio.

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