HUNT23 Multi-Function Flashlight

You never know when you need a flashlight. Unless you are a 24/7 security guard, chances you don’t carry one with you all the time. I hear you. You have smartphone. But it is obvious, smartphone’s flashlight function is a hassle. This is where HUNT23 shines.

When its creator claims HUNT23 as “the world’s coolest multi-function flashlight,” they are not tooting their own horn. HUNT23 indeed looks crazy cool. Just look at this little guy.

HUNT23 Multi-Function Flashlight

It is the size of a large caliber bullet and yet, it packs a flashlight, powered by 100 lumen CREE LED paired to a convex optical lens to aid in light dispersion. And that’s not it has got.

It is also a multi-tool. Crafted from grade 5 titanium, HUNT23 is touts a mini pry bar that pries stuff, pop lids, open letters, split pills, remove staples, cut box, and executing screwing tasks – just to name a few.

And lets just take moment to remind ourselves this thing is super tiny, like 34 mm tiny. Rounding up the package is tough built (its titanium!) that is both water and fire proof.

Man, this thing is like Ant-Man. Tiny, but mighty and it has the style to boot. Wait. Is Ant-Man fireproof too? Never mind cos’ this little guy is anyways. A hole in the pry tool lets it secure to your key ring, thus completing the EDC package.

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You can pick up the HUNT23 Multi-Function Flashlight on Kickstarter within the next 8 days or so, as pre-order, for £28 (or about US$36).

The campaign is funded and it is worthy to note that this is the third campaign by the London outfit SeptemStudio and so, we trust that it will be delivered as promised in November 2019.

Images: SeptemStudio.