The day of the year that you can believe nothing you see online has just past us. We didn’t get duped – or at least we didn’t so – but we sure have a good laugh at some of the pranks pulled by some of our favorite brands. While LEGO’s prank was for a select few, the jokes pulled by Apollo Scooters, BMW Motorrad, WaterField Designs, Scalextric, and Nothing, were not.

WaterField Designs TECH BRO Briefs
Credit: Waterfield Designs

And these pranks weren’t too farfetched and TBH, I would like to see them materialized someday. I mean, it is not too farfetched to have underwear in which you can hide your iPhone, Airpods, and more, right? Well, that was what WaterField Designs’ TECH BRO Briefs was about.

Also, there is nothing ridiculous when a tech company proposed to have its own alcoholic beverage, right? Tesla already did it – not once but twice – and so it is totally plausible there is going to be a Nothing lager, simply called Beer. No, wait. The beer is real?

Nothing Beer
Credit: Nothing

Anyways, moving on… meanwhile, BMW Motorrad has BMW iFace, the world’s first motorcycle face, and eye recognition system that is “made to deliver maximum comfort as well as security by being connected to the BMW Motorrad eCall system. LoL!

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Actually, this one sounds believable and ridiculous at the same time but it is clear that this is a joke when the tweet asked to look out for the software update available “only on 1st of April.” But… BMW Motorrad even had a press release that makes me wonder if this is real, after all. Is it not real, right? I don’t know what’s real anymore, TBH.

Also in the area of transportation, Apollo Scooters “announced” on April 1st the Apollo Flamingo, a scooter for the water powered by “Efoil technology”. If you don’t read into the specs, the entire concept of a seafaring Apollo scooter is totally plausible. Perhaps, Apollo is planning on doing so because it actually has a page on its website dedicated to Apollo Flamingo.

Finally, we have Scalextric that pulled off a prank I wish could be real for some reason. The slot car maker “introduced”, wait for it… Hornby TT:120 locomotives that run on Scalextric tracks. It even has a video of a BR Class 08 going head-to-head with a Formula 1 Scalextric model and outrunning it. Not going to lie. This is the one that puts the biggest smile on my face.

Featured image: Scalextric.

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