Here Are Some April Fool’s Day Pranks That Will Make Wish They Are Real

The day of the year that you can believe nothing you see online has just past us. We didn’t get duped – or at least we didn’t so – but we sure have a good laugh at some of the pranks pulled by some of our favorite brands. While LEGO’s prank was for a select …

Scalextric 2023 Range Includes James Bond’s Submarine Car And Thunderbirds FAB-1

Collecting scale models is a way of achieving your dream of owning multiple cars – even the rarest models of all – without breaking the bank or owning a Port Authority Bus Terminal-size building to hold them all. But here’s the thing: you will not be able to drive these cars. The solution? Scalextric.

Scalextric Back To The Future vs Knight Rider Race Set And More

Ever look at the Back to the Future’s DeLorean Time Machine and Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T., and wonder which one is faster? Or ever wanted to race in Mr. Bean’s iconic black bonnet, green Mini, or in a police squad car as the Blues Brothers did? Well, if your answer is yes to any or all, …

The Star Wars Battling Fighters Slot Car Set

when we think slot cars, slotted tracks and fancy toy race cars comes to mind. in another word, we expected nothing less than four-wheeled miniature models, but that’s not the case with the The Star Wars Battling Fighters Slot Car Set. unless you have serious skills in piloting RC aircraft, the The Star Wars Battling Fighters Slot Car Set

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