Scalextric Star Wars Slot Car Sets

Scalextric Battle of Endor
Scalextric Star Wars Slot Car Set | from US$99.99 |

the norm: car racing. the abnormal: racing with Star Wars’ Speeder Bike or the X-wing. ok, we know that the Speeder Bike won’t be a reality anytime soon, let alone the X-wing but come this fall, you could be doing it in a miniature scale. thanks to Scalextric, the slot car specialist, for bringing to us two Star War slot car sets (or was it slot vehicle set?). the first set is based on the Speeder Bike chase on Endor, aptly dubbed as the Battle of Endor while the other, dubbed as the Death Star Attack, will have players pitting the X-wing against the dark sith Vader’s TIE/x1 fighter in a race on a glow-in-the-dark track, accompanied by illuminated spaceships. adorable Ewoks and the evil Death Star are not included. the Scalextric Death Star Attack set will retails for $99.99 and the Scalextric Battle of Endor will set you back at $149.99 per set. both sets are ready for pre-order now with availability expected to be early fall 2012.

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