Woodman’s Pal Military Premium 284

Woodman's Pal Military Premium 284
Woodman’s Pal Military Premium 284 | from US$75.00 | www.woodmanspal.com

style and functionality are what we live for – these two qualities cannot exist without each other. no, seriously. to us, it is equally useless if a tool functions but doesn’t look good, and vice versa. so if we need to tear through the branches and vines on our next wilderness expedition, the Woodman’s Pal Military Premium 284 would be our tool of choice. features include 1/8″ (3.17mm) thick by 10 1/2″ (266.7mm) high carbon steel blade hardened to Rockwell C47 for strength, black power coated to ward off rust and corrosion, sickle hook for slicing vines and briars, 5-inch military-style soft leather grip with steel knuckle guard, and a safety toe that extends one-inch up the axe side to reduce risk of deflective injuries. for those who care to know, the Woodman’s Pal Military Premium 284 aka LC-14-B has been a military issue since the 1940s. so, it is not only functional and beautiful but it also caters to fans of all things military. the Woodman’s Pal Military Premium 284 can be yours for $75. throw in another 30 bucks, you will snag yourself this beautiful machete along with a vintage canvas sheath. click through for a few more look.

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