Scalextric James Bond 007 Cars

Scalextric James Bond 007 Cars
(photos: Scalextric) Scalextric James Bond 007 Cars | from £49.99 |

every movie goers would have agreed that the cars driven by James Bond are as famous as the MI6 agent himself (and the ladies, of course). through the five decades, there is one make that stands out from the rest: the Aston Martin – specifically the gadget-laden Silver Birch DB5, which first appeared in the Goldfinger. well, obviously majority of us will never have the opportunity to own one, let alone taking it for spin. however, for the less ambitious lot (we included), there is always the scaled down Scalextric James Bond 007 Cars (from £47.99 or about US$76 ea.) to fill that void. available as part of a three-car Limited Edition collector series that include the Aston Martin DB5s from Goldfinger, GoldenEye, and Casino Royale. each of this miniature Scalextric cars features easy change pick-ups, magnatraction system, working rear lights, and xenon effect headlights. also available are the Micro Scalextric James Bond 007 Skyfall Set (£44.99 or about US$71) and Scalextric James Bond Skyfall Set (£119.99 or about US$190), featuring cars from the highly anticipated 23rd Bond movie, Skyfall. additionally, there will be a Limited Edition James Bond 007 Skyfall Twinpack (£84.99 or about US$135), with only 3,500 made. though the cars that will be included in the latter set are yet to be unveiled. another look after the break (with a miniature Bond behind the wheel).

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Scalextric James Bond 007 Cars

Scalextric via Uncrate

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