Picnic and sports coupe does not go hand-in-hand. Not unless its a commission like the David Brown Automotive Speedback GT Commission. This classy ride is made for picnicking. This particular example was a custom order, which has now been delivered new to Germany.

David Brown Automotive Speedback GT Commission

Based on the custom automobile maker’s Speedback GT model and finished in a striking ‘Blue Moon’ paint job, this one-off build features highly personalized equipment including summer and winter wheel sets, black satin mesh grille, Elm Burr satin wood veneers and ‘Tabak’ tan leather interior.

In addition, it comes with a specially designed drinks set housed under the picnic seat. The custom drinks set holds the owner’s preferred gin and tonic, along with two crystal highball glasses, and a bespoke woolen picnic blanket, located under the picnic seat that extends out of the trunk. Yup. That’s a Speedback GT for you. The ultimate get-out-there-and-picnic sports car.

David Brown Automotive Speedback GT Commission

Needless to say, this David Brown Automotive Speedback GT Commission is not something your money can buy.

However, if you are interested, you can get in touch with DBA to discuss on your very own bespoke solution or choose from the current offerings which also include some lovely classic MINIs.

Images: David Brown Automotive.

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