Oakley MSK3 Eyewear-friendly Face Mask

Fogging and awkward eyewear are the nagging issues associated with eyewear-wearing folks when wearing a face mask. No mask makers seem to want or able to resolve these, until now.

Oakley MSK3 Eyewear-friendly Face Mask

Folks. Meet the Oakley MSK3, a face mask designed with people who wear glasses in mind. It is the first mask that we know that comes with an eyewear channel at the nose bridge area.

This thinner and form fitting area offers a place for the eyewear’s nose pads to sit, thus aiding in reducing eyewear crash and prevents lens fogging.

The mask further features a flexible, silicone outer gasket with an ergonomic fit for close seal while adjustable straps afford it with a customized fit.

Oakley MSK3 Eyewear-friendly Face Mask

The semi-rigid mask body keeps the mask filter off your face, so you won’t feel like you are tasting the mask every time you speak.

Speaking of filters, MSK3 uses replaceable filters. Two filter options are included: a disposable filter with over 95% filtration efficiency of particles down to the size of .3 microns and an additional reusable filter designed for filtration protections against air pollutants and dust particles.

In case you are sold by the idea, you have to know it does not come cheap. The Oakley MSK3 Eyewear-friendly N95 Face Mask will run you back at an exorbitant (face mask speaks, that is) US$74 a pop.

Oakley MSK3 Eyewear-friendly Face Mask

Images: YouTube (Oakley).

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Source: Yanko Design.