2017 Power Rangers Movie Power Rangers’ New Suits

Power Rangers have finally caught up with time, starting with the look and boy, do they look all too Iron Man-ish. The film won’t hit the silverscreen until next March, but the production company can’t wait to share with the world how the new mighty superheroes look like in their battle-ready getups. Gone are the vinyl-spandex heavy costume and in is armored body suit which production designer Andrew Menzies explains to Entertainment Weekly as “alien costume that grows on them” and not actually manmade, or cobbled up in the Rangers’ basement.

I am not going to lie to you, I can’t really tell much from a single photo and so I’d say the suit did not convince me that it “grows on them.” When you think suit that grows of them, we are talking about stuff like Bio-booster Armor Guyver and clearly, these new getups are not anywhere close to “organic” as I have interpreted. If anything, it certainly look like Stark Industries has a hand on them. For now, we are going take the growing chest piece as a reflection and not a la arc reactor kind of thing. Though I must say the colors are just about right, if not more psychedelic.

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Power Rangers came into my life at a time when pubs and clubs mattered more to me than colorful costumed superheroes, and therefore, it did not have my full attention back then. On top of that, I was distracted by the disturbingly “accurate” Bio-booster Armor Guyver, which kind of supplanted them as the alien-infused superheroes and thus, painting a cartoonish image on the Rangers that further distance me from the franchise. I did catch an episode or two every now and then, but that won’t qualify me as a fair judge of their new look.

All I can say that the Marvel influence is heavy on this one and that makes me a non-fan, for now. Lets just hope the acting and the film as a whole makes up for the Iron Man crossed Tron suits.

Power Rangers hits the big screen on March 24, 2017.

Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa - Power Rangers
And then there’s the ever lovely Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa

Image: Entertainment Weekly.

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